'In Our Time, Actors Were Used To Punctuality And Discipline', Claims Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari Aims A Sly Dig At Young Actors

'In Our Time, Actors Were Used To Punctuality And Discipline', Claims Bushra Ansari
Bushra Ansari

Veteran superstar of Pakistan's ever-growing and glittering entertainment industry, Bushra Ansari has a message for all her peers and aspiring actors and it is not one to be taken lightly.

Bushra Ansari has been an integral part of the Pakistan entertainment industry for more than four decades and so, it is only natural that her experience and lectures are given vital importance by the current crop of actors. 

The veteran actor and comedian is famous for her wide array of work and building the foundation for the industry to blossom. Her efforts have been nationally recognized and she has also received the Presidential Pride of Performance award for her valuable contribution to Pakistan's entertainment industry.

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Recently, the Aangan Terha actor took to social media to share her thoughts on actors of today and those from earlier years.

She posted a video on Instagram and said:

"I’ve been asked the difference between actors in the past and actors today," Ansari began. "The thing is that over time, everything becomes different. No one can say designers were great before and they’re not as good anymore — because each time has a different demand."

She continued:

"Attitudes change, environments change — even a change in the economic situation plays a huge role as we can see today. Traditions change and relationships evolve, so we can’t point out a specific difference."

However, the Udaari actor did use the opportunity to point out one thing that she believed was given priority during "her time", in a very subtle manner of course.

"Despite all that, every profession demands commitment, a certain professional attitude which helps your work grow," she continued. "It is true that in our time, we were used to a certain kind of discipline and punctuality." 

She received an overwhelmingly positive response to her video message and we believe that discipline and punctuality is her mantra to success, along with being one of the most talented actors and comedians to grace the earth. 

'In Our Time, Actors Were Used To Punctuality And Discipline', Claims Bushra Ansari

In other news, Model Meera Ansari, who's also the daughter of Bushra Ansari, recently tied the knot in New York.

The celebrity made the announcement on social media as she shared pictures of her simple yet sweet wedding.

“Surely, with hardship comes ease.Quran 94:5,” she wrote alongside the adorable pictures of herself and the groom.


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