Indian General Gets Confused On Shaan Shahid And Umair Jaswal's Pictures As Soldiers Of Pak Army

Indian Army general posted this picture confidently confusing them as martyrs of Panjshir valley.

Indian General Gets Confused On Shaan Shahid And Umair Jaswal's Pictures As Soldiers Of Pak Army
Shaan Shahid And Umair Jaswal

Pakistanis took this misconception as a chance to troll the Indians as their Army general claimed these actors as martyrs at multiple places. The actual story started when Indian Army General Bakhshi shared a picture of Pakistani actors with evidence from a fake doctor declaring them as the martyrs of the Pakistani Army. Furthermore, the fake doctor claimed that the people mentioned in the picture were his class fellows who were martyred, and apparently, Pakistan’s army disowned them. The funny part here was that the people in the photo from left to right are well-known faces, working in Pakistan's media industry for ages as actors. The men in the picture were Shaan Shahid, Bilal Ashraf, Aamir Qureshi and Umair Jaswal. Shan Shahid has been working in the industry for a very long time, and he is considered as one of the most phenomenal actors of Pakistan. Since few years, the actor has been working in some of the greatest patriotic movies made in Pakistan, and the picture that is going viral is also from the shoot of Shaan Shahid’s film “Yalghaar."

The Indian army general tried to make the post too serious, writing in the caption that these army soldiers lost their lives while fighting in Afghanistan. ISPR is now trying to hide their casualties by burying them overnight and disowning their sacrifice. 

The intentions of this Army General are not clear; however, how Shaan Shahid and other actors trolled this post is entirely hilarious. 

Shaan posted the same news and the movie poster, writing, “Hello from the other side. Pakistan Zindabad.” Umair Jaswal also shared the same rumour from his official account on Instagram.


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