Inside Faysal Qureshi’s Home For Iftar

The actor shared glimpses of his iftar with his family on his YouTube channel.

Inside Faysal Qureshi’s Home For Iftar

Since the past few years, we have watched actor Faysal Qureshi have iftar on-screen on the sets of the Ramazan transmission he hosts.

However, owing to the lockdown imposed across Pakistan due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the 46-year-old actor is not hosting the show this year and instead is quarantined at home just like the rest of us.

But the quarantine did not stop Qureshi from letting his fans be a part of his iftar.

On his official YouTube Channel, the Baba Jani actor shared a video of him having iftar at home with his family. We can see an enthusiastic Qureshi cooking and helping his wife with the iftar prep like a doting husband.

In fact, the Zakham actor said it was the first time after a very long time that he is spending Ramazan at home with his wife and kids as shooting for the show kept him away.

With 137,000 subscribers on his channel, there is no doubt that Qureshi is one of the most loved celebrities and one of the highest paid actors in Pakistan.

He gained recognition in the country’s television industry for his leading role Boota in the daram series Boota from Toba Tek Singh. Since then, he has been acting, producing and hosting shows in the entertainment industry.

One of Qureshi’s most loved performances by fans of all ages is his character in the hit comedy sitcom Main Aur Tum. He starred alongside TV actor Aijaz Aslam.

Qureshi has also given magnificent performances in critically acclaimed shows, such as, Bashar Momin, Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan and Main Abdul Qadir Hoon.

As much as we miss seeing him on-screen hosting his Ramazan show, we are glad that Qureshi is safe and home.