Instagram Makeup Tricks That Genuinely Works

Pro Tips From The Influencers

Instagram Makeup Tricks That Genuinely Works

Today’s generation is spoiled already; they follow Instagram influencers and do not bother their adults’ suggestions. I would not blame them for doing it so; the influencers seem so mesmerizing and accurate that if we would also follow them, we will end up looking like them, just perfect. And who does not want to look perfect? I am sure no one! But there are tons of efforts you gotta make to appear that way. The hacks you see are not always accurate; there are repeated trials required for the achievement, and in the last, some may succeed, some may not. 


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We care for your time and money, and we won’t let it get wasted. Therefore, we present you with some tried and tested makeup hacks that will make your life easier. 

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The Critical Nose Contour 

Contouring the nose takes everything. No matter how good you are at makeup, if you did not put proper contour, you would lose it. The nose is the most prominent feature of your face, so you must do it the right way. Numerous tutorials confuse us on what to opt for. Therefore, we give you an easy and basic tutorial that leads to a sharp-pointed nose. 


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Cut Crease Eye Lid

The eye makeup looks professional and challenging. But in reality, it’s not; it is just the trick they use to make it look deep and dark. The essential thing is to choose the right color and the right brush and believe that you can do it. 

Perfect Eye Brows 

Some things are complex, and you can not deny that, just like eyebrows. For those who are blessed with naturally thick brows, it is peanuts to fix them. But for those who do not have much hair, it is a complicated thing to draw both brows synchronized. Here is a selected tutorial from the millions tutorial out there. It would surely get you the right brows and synced as well.

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