ISPR launches National Amateur Short Film Festival ’21 in Islamabad – Everything You Need To Know

A festival that was dedicated to aspiring film makers with an evening full of stars!

ISPR launches National Amateur Short Film Festival ’21 in Islamabad – Everything You Need To Know
Amatuer Short Film Festival

The whole festival that was designed to aspire and motivate new film makers is a great initiative taken by one of the most prestigious organisations of Pakistan known as Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR). 

Individuals from background of enthusiasm for making films and shows were invited to attend the event including many celebrities, actors and YouTubers. Filmmakers were delighted to have a platform finally appreciating and acknowledging their hard work. NASFF proved to become the first organisation to seriously take the responsibility to provide a disciplined and organised event. 

Prime Minister Was Also A Part Of The Event 

The festival featured winners awarded with prizes and scholarships given to get a chance to more content. The Prime Minister Imran Khan while speaking on the occasion urged the filmmakers of Pakistan to make some original content since the world values it. He also hinted the audience to value our own culture in the content instead of taking inspiration from Bollywood. Further, the PM stated that speaking foreign language and western clothes does not promote Pakistan, showing it’s own culture and identity will help the content to flourish. 

Many versatile celebrities were seen coming to attend the festival. 

Imran khan

The star studded event was hosted by Mahira and Ahsan Khan. A lot of other celebrities came under one roof to attend the NASFF including ; Aiman Khan , Muneeb Butt, Humayun Saeed, Mashal Khan, Farhan Saeed, Bilal Abbas Khan and many more. The event also promoted the hashtag that said, “Show Case Pakistan To the World” and celebrities through out the event promoted it with pictures and videos live from the venue. 



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