It Seems That Drama Is No More Treated As An Art, Says Haseena Moin

A well-known author and playwright, Haseena Moin, says that sometimes I feel that drama is now just a gimmick.

It Seems That Drama Is No More Treated As An Art, Says Haseena Moin
Haseena Moin

In an interview, Haseena Moin said that a recent drama showed that if a girl disagrees with getting married, the boy throws acid on her face. Many such incidents happened after watching this scene, so we must take care of such things and reasonably show a society's realities.

The author said that even the worst thing can be displayed and shown politely. Just keep in mind that TV is watched in every house. Children, old and everyone watch dramas on TV or any on mobile devices. People try to do what they see, she added.

Referring to contemporary dramas and the criticism and restrictions imposed on them, Haseena Moin said that it seems like that the channels' job is to sell products only. They should be aware of their responsibilities. And also, PEMRA should act when required. Nowadays, most dramas show that father-in-law is falling for his daughter-in-law, brother-in-law is keeping an eye on sister-in-law.

The author's job is to inform and entertain society within limits. I sometimes feel that drama has gone from being an art form to a gimmick.

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