Just Because I Am Not Dating On Social Media Doesn’t Mean I Am Single, Says Ghana Ali

Ghana Ali talks at length about her experience in the industry.

Just Because I Am Not Dating On Social Media Doesn’t Mean I Am Single, Says Ghana Ali
Ghana Ali

She stands tall and seems to be a person at ease with herself. She comes across as a no-nonsense girl, unruffled with competition and believes her career graph is going the way it should be. Ghana Ali is growing from strength to strength with exciting projects in the pipeline.

In an exclusive conversation with HNH Style, the actress speaks to us about her initial struggles in the industry, her process of selecting scripts, her biggest strength, her acting methods and techniques, her upcoming projects and the new beginnings in her life. Excerpts from the one-on-one interview with her.

HNH Style: Ghana you have completed nearly seven years in the industry. What are the three major highlights of your career?

(GA): The first highlight was when my drama serial ‘Besharam’ turned out to be a big success. The second, when I signed my first feature film ‘Rangreza’. And thirdly, when my family started to accept and appreciate my acting career.

HNH Style: What were the mistakes you made while starting out?

(GA): The only mistake I made was that I gave a lot of favours to friends who were writers and directors by doing appearances in their projects. At that time, we were being told not to say ‘No’ to work; get going with whatever screen time we got and this is how eventually things will work. Now, I feel I shouldn’t have done that. On the contrary, it’s good to see the new generation working on their terms. At times one has to learn to say ‘No’ to get their due position.

HNH Style: How do you maintain relationships? You appear to be friends with everyone…no catfights, no controversies… 

(GA): I never get into petty issues neither I make friends in the industry. One does feel lonely and at times it’s annoying too. I believe it’s better not to have friends than to have controversies (Smiles). Also, I don’t come from a family where I can afford to have a controversy. 

HNH Style: Do you believe that any publicity is good publicity?

(GA): Not at all, otherwise, I would have been making headlines every other day regarding my engagement or marriage. I believe in decency and privacy. I don't utilize my private life for publicity stunts.

HNH Style: Some actresses recently opened up being harassed by big channels and big stars in terms of getting work. Is it really difficult for outsiders to make it big in the industry?

(GA): Yes, it is difficult. Being a star kid surely makes a difference. If that isn’t the case, you have to be in a certain lobby or in a relationship with a big star to make things happen in your favour. You have it easy when strong people are backing you up. These traits don’t exist in the field of acting; they are everywhere. It’s not my nature to be part of any lobby; my hard work and strong faith in Allah has made me a successful person.

HNH Style: What according to you is your biggest strength as an actor?

(GA): I would say my biggest strength is my passion to grow as an ‘actor’ and not as a ‘star’. Learning new things keeps me going; I don't waste my time by revolving around social media for no reason. I observe the craft of good actors to learn and it works. I haven’t got the opportunity to play the kind of characters that showcases my talent to the fullest. Therefore, I am constantly on the lookout to grow, explore new methods, experiment with my voice modulations, and learn new expressions.

HNH Style: What kinds of roles excite you these days? 

(GA): History excites me a lot; I am fond of historical plays. Besides, I haven’t done comic roles in my career, so I want to do comedy.

HNH Style: Every role you do appears to be judged through a different prism. Does that increase the pressure on you to not let your fans down with the roles you choose?

(GA): Negative roles have been my forte. What happens is that when you mostly play negative roles, your fans kind of stop liking you as they have been overdosed with too much negativity. As of now, I have switched gears; I am working on a project for ARY digital where I am playing a positive role for the second time in my career. The first one turned out to be a huge flop (laughs). It’s a good role, helmed by a new director. I want to get back into the good books of my fans. I am well aware of the fact that how much my fans hate me; so, this one will surely be a treat for them.

HNH Style: You have been recently endorsing popular brands. How do you choose the brands you endorse?

(GA): Like I just said, I have been typecasted with negative roles, therefore I am trying to make sure that the storyline of commercials is positive to a have better impact on my fans. More than the brand, I make sure that the plot gives me ample margin to perform.

HNH Style: Any insecurities in life now?

(GA): Not really! At present, I am only concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since we have tough work schedules so it kind of gets difficult to stay healthy.

HNH Style: Your Instagram stories speaks volume about your fitness regime. What tips would you give to people who want to lose weight and be fit?

(GA): I recently tried the Ketogenic diet plan and it worked. I would highly suggest the Keto diet to people who are desperate to lose weight. Of course, with a proper workout plan.

HNH Style: Being a single girl, how do you keep the wolves at bay?

(GA): Just because I am not dating on social media doesn’t mean I am single (Smiles). Honestly, I am not single anymore; I am seeing some and that is pretty much serious.

HNH Style: Tell us about your projects in 2021? (I know you don't disclose your upcoming ventures but still a hint for your fans) 

(GA): My feature film ‘Gawah Rehna’ is all set to release once the pandemic is over. I am currently working on three projects, the first is a drama serial ‘Beenam’ for ARY Digital, the second project is for Sub TV. The third is a web series with the production team of ‘Gawah Rehna’. I am not signing up any new projects as I will be going for a break once I am done shooting with the work in hand.

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