Kangana Ranaut Is Battling It Out With Diljit Dosajh

A Bollywood-Twitter War Like None Other

Kangana Ranaut Is Battling It Out With Diljit Dosajh
Kangana Ranaut

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Queen actress Kangana Ranaut, is not only famous for her unparalleled performance in films but also a queen of getting herself in numerous foot in the mouth situations and unwanted controversy.

She is bold, loud and knows how to hold her own but sometimes she goes completely over board and this is one such incident.

It all started when Kangana Ranaut posted about the farmers protest in bad taste which Punjabi and Bollywood actor and singer Diljit Dosajh noticed.

"Ha haha, she is the same dadi who was featured in Time Magazine for being the most powerful Indian and she is available in 100 Rs. Pakistan's journos have hijacked international PR for India in an embarrassing way. We need our own people to speak for us internationally," Kangana shared with a picture.

Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosajh

Diljit was the first to criticize Kangana for misidentifying an elderly woman, who had joined the farmers' protest, as Biquis Kaur of Shaheen Bagh. He also shared a video of the elderly lady in question, revealing that she was Mahinder Kaur.

He also called out Kangana on her “pet” comment, asking her if she is also a pet to everyone she has ever worked with. 

Diljit Dosajh

Although Kangana deleted her post, she hit back at Diljit, calling him Karan Johar’s pet and deriving from the topic. While the actress had her loyal fans lending their support, Diljit received added backing from Twitter users who also went on to make memes of the entire episode and his following went up by 4 lac people.

Diljit Dosajh

Meanwhile, Ranaut has been sent a legal notice for her post that has been viewed as ‘derogatory’. Besides that, another even filed a write petition in the Bombay High Court seeking direction to get her Twitter account suspended.

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