Kanye West Takes A Dig At Jennifer Aniston

#IVOTED for @joebiden and @kamalaharris,” - Jennifer Aniston

Kanye West Takes A Dig At Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

The United States of America is torn in these elections with people openly showing support to running parties. Jennifer Aniston recently posted a picture of herself mailing her vote just in time: she also discussed how it’s imperative to vote this year and make your vote count.

While Jennifer posted of a picture of her casting a vote, she also shed light on how significant voting is this year. Jennifer also threw some shade on Kanye West when she said “PS- it’s not funny to elect Kanye”. Jennifer made it clear that even to consider electing a Rapper for the most important position in the US was a bad idea, let alone act on it.

Kanye West and Jennifer Aniston

Kanye West of course didn’t take this lightly! He is formerly known to erupt in emotion many a times, once Kanye made a statement that said, “slavery was an option, a choice” and took a lot of heat from the public. While nobody is counting we must also never forget the moment Taylor Swift’s speech was interrupted and cut off by Music producer Kanye West.

Kanye responded to the tweet by adding onto the on lookers and fans on twitter by posting “friends wasn’t funny either”, which has most definitely offended the entire cast and crew, channel, actors and audience, fans etc. We don’t know how Kanye will ride through this tough wave.

Kayne West

Apart from the political career, Kanye is also dreaming big dreams on the music front, recently he made a desire known publicly which is to buy the Universal Music Group for 25 billion pounds.

Kanye West wants to make the connection between artists and money a stronger one. He wants to help young talent to be able to get fair treatment in terms of legal contracts, rights issues or any other concerns the music community has by sending suggestions to tweak the guidelines on Twitter. In a long interview Kanye West said, “I’m going to buy Universal”.

Whichever way the elections go Kanye West is not the one to take a jab and sit with it, this is why we know if anything, he will learn more perseverance from all his experiences and direct the hate from friend’s fans to a much positive notion!

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