Kanye West Writes An Optimistic Open Letter “To the Future”

Kanye West Foresees A Bright Future For The U.S

Kanye West Writes An Optimistic Open Letter “To the Future”
Kanye West

Rapper and presidential candidate Kanye West has been in the news for all the reasons one could think of. He has a way of words that has often gotten him in trouble with other stars and his colleagues. He has also been taken out of ballots in multiple states and his only hope of winning the elections is by a write-in campaign.

However, recently Kanye West posted a rather optimistic open letter to the people of America.

Kanye West published this two-page letter in the New York Times for the world and more importantly the United States of America to see. The letter has now made it on Kanye’s website.

He penned his thoughts of better, brighter future of America and how he would like to see things evolving for the better.

The message is intense with emotions and hopeful. The first verse states, “Dear Future, I still believe in you, we still believe in you.”

Kanye West also spoke about a world with no “worries, stress or war”, a world where people know of nothing but peace. The letter future said, “Even in our darkest moments,
We believe.
We believe in a world at peace.” 
He also added the importance of people and their well being, “We believe in our families.
We will see families anchoring on fair.
Our future holds a better America.
In our future, we will H.E.A.L.
Hold Everyone Accountable to Love.”

Kayne West

Kanye West compared his imagination of the future with the Garden of Eden, a fair secure place where the children and elderly both be happy and healthy. He also mentioned Jesus and the word of God to reinstate his ideas, almost making them sound like an epiphany.

“Our future is free from debt, shame, guilt, worry,
Stress, war, greed, hate, misuse of power, prejudices,
Manipulation and discrimination.
Jesus loves everyone.
When I close my eyes, I see our God providing us”

West also spoke about how it excites him foreseeing the good that is yet to come and compared his excitement with a kid just before the day of Christmas. The letter ended with, “Let's lead with love. Our future is waiting on us."

We are not sure if this is enough to get him across the river but this was definitely heard and seen far and wide.

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