Kapil Sharma Scolded The Photographers For Taking Pictures

Kapil Sharma was spotted in a wheelchair, but what might have happened??

Kapil Sharma Scolded The Photographers For Taking Pictures
Kapil Sharma

Recently, a video of Indian comedian Kapil Sharma in a wheelchair surfaced the internet that has caused concern among his fans, but neither Kapil himself nor his friends have commented on the matter. It has been speculated that the comedian has injured himself, but the cause of the injury is still unknown.

While the comedian's video in a wheelchair has disturbed everyone, the actor himself also became the talk of the town when the photographers on their way back from the airport tried to make a video of Kapil Sharma sitting in a wheelchair.

In a viral video, Kapil Sharma is being taken away from the airport in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, when the photographers tried to make a video, Kapil lost his temper, abused the photographers, and shouted, "Get out of here".

The photographer posted the video on social media and captioned it as, "Kapil, you abuse us, but we pray for your recovery."

We wonder what might have happened to Mr. Sharma and pray for his speedy recovery.

According to Indian media, Kapil Sharma explained the reason for going in a wheelchair that there is nothing to worry about, but my waist has been injured during exercise, which will get better in a few days are worried about my health.

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