Kubra Khan Smartly Replied To People Trolling Her Name

Kubra khan reveals the hidden meaning behind her name.

Kubra Khan Smartly Replied To People Trolling Her Name
Kubra Khan

Kubra Khan is a star who is full of talent in this industry. She is young and she accomplished a lot, she started her journey right from a movie. Eventually, she gained a huge success and frequently share glimpse of her life on her social media, especially instagram. She did a question and answer session on her Instagram handle where she saw someone making fun of her name and decided to school the anonymous person. 

Kubra Shared The Screenshot On Her Instagram

Kubra has a sweet nature and usually she talks very politely, however she did not take this remark as a joke and lashed out. One of her follower asked in that particular instagram session, “Who named you Cobra?” To which she decently gave a lesson behind her name and replied, “ Firstly it’s Kubra not Cobra. It means great, the senior one just like Kabir. It was the name of Imam Hussain’s (AS) elder daughter....” she further added, “Have some respect.”


Kubra has been part of film fraternity since long and due to her calmness and decency she receives praises from people. She has not done many projects and every character she chooses is applauded by the audience. Her appearance in the drama “Alif” as “Husn e Javan” was loved by the viewers. Kubra also shares her singing skills with the fans through her instagram showing that she has a multitalented personality. Moreover, Kubra is one of those actresses who share a great bond with fellow actors and actresses. But this time she did not take the troll and replied gracefully to the people trying to offend her in hideous ways. 

kubra khan


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