Learn How To Use A Face Toner Without Drying Your Skin

Need-To-Know Things About Face Toner

Learn How To Use A Face Toner Without Drying Your Skin
Learn How To Use A Face Toner Without Drying Your Skin

Have you ever asked yourself what is a toner? How and when to use it? Well, stylists refer toner as an essential part of their skin care routine, yet many people are still unaware of what toner really is. Some might have misconceptions related to it. But you don’t worry as we are to tell you its true purpose.

After salon facials or at home you all must have soaked cotton ball into the toner and applied it on to your face. Have you ever experienced dryness on your face soon after the application? Read below to know why.

1. What are toners?

In the past, toner was deemed unnecessary, too astringent, and incredibly drying, all of which are definitely not conducive to a radiant and healthy complexion. These days, toners do just the opposite. Nowadays, they use to contain high concentrations of alcohol to help remove oil from the skin or they are water-based. There are now more types of toners that provide different benefits.

2. Purpose of a toner on your skin

Face toners serve many different purposes. Prepares your skin for moisturizer or serum while getting rid of the excess oil or dirt.  Leftover makeup can also be removed after a wash. But remember, toners are not an alternate for washing the face. Just think of facial toners as the extra credit rather than the shortcut of your skin-care routine.

Apart from this basic rule of cleansing, toners of today can go beyond. They are used to target a varying array of skin concerns mainly from acne to dryness to aging.

3. How to use it?

Applying the toner is a hell easy task. Just soak a cotton pad with toner, swipe it over your entire face, neck and chest. It is the midway between washing your face and application of moisturizer. You can use toners twice in 24 hours.

4. What to look for in your facial toner?

There are some specific ingredients which a good toner should have.

It should have rose water for hydration and chamomile for soothing your skin. Tea-tree oil for fighting oil and bacteria. Whereas, Aloe vera to calm redness and inflammation.