Let’s Visit The Gym For A Mental Workout!

Physical workouts are healthy, so are mental workouts

Let’s Visit The Gym For A Mental Workout!

Much like physical workouts, mental workouts also exist. Let’s take out some time to learn about the mental gym, shall we? 

Mental workouts pretty much work in the same way as physical workouts. They help us stay mentally healthy and responsive. Research says that we all know the things that help us enhance our mental health but, unlike exercise, we fail to practice them on a daily basis. All we have to do is adopt an ABC model, which is pretty easy and can be adopted by anyone! Here are some steps on how one can lead to a better and mentally healthy life:

Act – Research suggests that a life beyond work is necessary in order to maintain a good mental health. Engaging in activities other than those involved in our work life (particularly those done with other people) such as hanging out after a tiring day, going out for a walk or a cycle ride, staying the night in with some readings, or just doing something we like helps keep our minds and bodies active and can be personally rewarding. This would bring out positive emotions, and channelize our energy into making our brains stronger rather than falling into decline. It can be a healthy alternative to unhealthy worrying, overthinking, and anxiety. 

Belong – We all know how important social support is in maintaining our mental health. Adding on to that, keeping up friendships, joining groups of people who have things in common, and taking part in activities as a community also helps maintain mental health. Our connection with other would help us feel supported, provide a sense of identity, and also provide us with an environment for sharing our pain and stresses. Charity events, ‘bake and sale’s, support groups, hanging out with friends, and group activities like painting, cycling, and playing games are all examples that can help us develop a sense of belonging.

Commit – Engaging in activities that provide a sense of meaning and purpose such as helping other people and supporting a good cause aids mental well-being and maintains a healthy brain. The word Commit here means committing to a hobby, taking up a personal challenge, or engaging in a good cause. If you think it’s time to challenge yourself and go for a hobby you have been wanting to, then go for it. If you think helping others or joining a ‘Save the environment’ campaign will give you a sense of meaning, go for that. These things help recognize our worth and would protect us against feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness. In other words, contributing to a community can help give us thoughts about making a difference to the world, and reduce self-centeredness, which of course is unhealthy for the self.

So would you like to join the mental health gym?