Liar Mahira Khan: On A Lighter Note

Mahira's Mother Indulged the humor on a live phone call in Jeeto Pakistan

Liar Mahira Khan: On A Lighter Note
Mahira Khan in Jeeto Pakistan

Jeeto Pakistan is securing a high rating in Ramadan but it is not a new thing due to Fahad Mustafa's charm and energy. He has proved himself a polished superstar with his diversified skill set and hosting is a part of it. This Ramadan, the show has proceeded with a new format in which they have divided the participants into team and incorporated the push of other celebrities such as Humayun Saeed, Sana Javed, Adnan Siddiqui, Shahista Lodhi and cricket sensation Sarfaraz Ahmed to keep up the rating high.

In today's show, a back stage discussion becomes a joke which involves Mahira's mother passed a comment (which is not shared yet) on Adnan Siddiqui. Everyone was making fun of Mr. Siddiqui and suddenly a live caller greeted everyone who is none other than Mahira's mother.

She turned on the discussion by adding that Mahira is a confused and liar person. She (Mahira's mother) didn't pass any comment related to "Mere Paas Tum Ho" starlet.

After this development, the show took a new turn and everyone started pulling Raees Star's leg. It was such a moment for everyone other than Mahira that everyone laughed and supported her mother and clarified the situation.

These lighter moments are much needed in this time of Pandemic. One thing should be acknowledged that these celebrities are doing their level best to ensure entertainment for their fans.