Life Of A Healthy Human Being

Self Care Comes First

Life Of A Healthy Human Being
Healthy Human Being

Assuming you are living a healthy lifestyle??? When periodically you go for a walk or start eating healthy for a week. Do you actually think it is enough? Consuming huge amounts of carbs on a daily basis when you have no time for cooking at home requires a lot of workout to drain up those carbs and fats from your body. 

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Cheating on a diet meal is okay for a week but when you consume the same junk for the entire week, you are cheating on your health. Food is not the only thing that makes you unhealthy but it includes many other habits that you do on a daily basis such as smoking. 


Here are some ways to cure your unhealthy body with simple and quick healthy tips.


It takes no time to prepare lemon water even when you are in a rush or your alarm has ditched you. Having a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey will help you detox your blood. It will also give a boost to your body to run for the whole day. You can also drink this at your workplace instead of normal water. 

lemon water

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Eating Sugar, No Mama:

Cut the sugar from your diet. It might be difficult for those who have a sweet tooth but it is not impossible though. As you must know that the white sugar is a processed form of sugar cane and we also know that any processed item is a sign of unhealthy food. It is said to be a poison especially for heavy weigh people. Rather, we can use some alternatives like honey and brown sugar. Your taste buds will take some time to adjust but don't worry, you will get used to it. 


Pregnancy Diet

Smoking Kills, Yes it does! 

The heading says it all. There is no need for a lengthy explanation. Any sort of addiction would lead to unhealthy torso, so it's better late than never. It might be hard but a healthy life ahead would surely be worthy of it.

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