Life Of A Hijabi Girl

We face numerous cute little things daily in our lives related to what we do and what decisions we make. Some help us learn, some let us enjoy the moment, and some remain in our memory forever.

Life Of A Hijabi Girl
Girl in Hijab

As everyone acknowledges that this is the month of world hijab day, celebrated on the 1st of February. 
It is undoubtedly a huge responsibility if you carry one, and taking it all the time with all your heart is what matters. Since everything comes with pros and cons, there are specific scenarios in which a girl with a hijab gets sucked in, and that makes her dubious about it, but more power to all the ladies around the world that they still stood up and fought for it. 

There are tons of crazy moments you must have faced, such as,

Woman in Hijab

Sudden Guests

When amma yells at you, "Fatima, go and say salam to your uncle," you'll be like, oh yes, but where is my hijab? Finding it here and there and getting the headcover with whatever is available ASAP, and later you be like, "What's so funny guys, I know I'm wearing a shirt on my head."

Woman in hijab wearing sun glasses

Do Not Post

Taking measures not before but after capturing a perfect picture with your besties and yelling at them, do not post it because my head is not covered. Facing those ruined faces of your friends who took a wholly planned random picture so good but now they have to retake. 

Monalisa in hijab

IM Late

Unlike other ladies, when they face a bad hair day, you must be having a bad hijab day. When you're out of the clock and can not find a perfect matching scarf with the outfit when you are a Pro but still can not manage to get that headcover the way you want it, or maybe the dupatta has mood swings. 

Hjiab meme

Whatever is the case, you'll learn you'll be prepared, and you'll get it done in a better way for sure.

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