Lux Style Awards Nominations Disappointed Few Actresses

These stars are calling out Lux Style Award’s nominators for unfair decisions.

Lux Style Awards Nominations Disappointed Few Actresses
Yasra Rizvi and Sonya Hussyn

A few days ago, nominations for the Lux Style Awards were announced. The nominations include specific categories from music, drama and fashion. Moreover, the film category was skipped this year since there were no releases due to the Covid-19 restrictions. 

After coming across the nominations, the celebrities noticed some apparent rebuff between the choices of nominations. Soon some of the visible names from the drama and film industry of Pakistan pointed out and instead questioned the Lux Style Awards nominations. Sonya Hussyn, Hadiqa Kiani and Yasra Rizvi were amongst the first few people to come forward against the unjust jury. 


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Yasra Rizvi gracefully explained the purpose behind the Lux Style award according to her vision. Using her Instagram story, she shared how Lux is a beauty brand, and its purpose is to use the art for profit; she said, “A beauty soap brand like any other business, their [LSAs'] primary focus must be to sell more products and maximise profit, no?” she asked rhetorically. “Hence, just like any other business, they can use art to serve this very purpose. But to serve art is probably not the purpose. Fair enough!” As she clarified. 

On the other hand, Sonya Hussyn served her two cents over the nomination of the Lux Style Awards. 

Sonya shared her views, saying that the nominations of Lux Style Awards are based on the TRP received from the dramas instead of the credibility of the performances and the powerful script or storyline. The actress penned down her emotions on an Instagram story. Sonya Hussyn says she is disappointed to see her project “Saraab” was not nominated in any category. She blamed the jury for being unjust and biased, “Meri guriya” actress named certain dramas based on strong messages and addressing social issues but never got nominated for any awards. 

The actresses came forward to speak and make differences for quality content since the industry has a responsibility to make a social pressure and talk about social taboos. 


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