Madiha Imam And Wahaj Ali All Set For A Project Together

Are you ready to see your favorite duo on the screen once again?

Madiha Imam And Wahaj Ali All Set For A Project Together
Madiha Imam And Wahaj Ali

Wahaj Ali and Madiha Iman both are exceptionally talented actors. We have seen them in some of the most entertaining projects. Wahaj was a part of the very favourite “Ehd-e-Wafa”, and Madiha has worked across the border as well. Both have gained great fandom from their performances together adequately. We saw this duo paired up together for “Ishq Jalebi”, a super hit drama that mesmerised the audience. The onscreen couple got an appreciable response a few years ago when they were seen in Geo TV's drama serial “Zoya Sawleha”. 

The News About This New Drama Is Out Now 

We will be witnessing Wahaj Ali and Madiha Imam once again on our screen in a new project. Fans are already thrilled to get the news about this favourite pair coming back. Netizens are rooting up for another appearance of the couple together, and we have been glimpsing the excitement of Wahaj and Madiha to showcase their work to the audience. 


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Madiha Imam Posted A Hint About This New Project 

The famous actress Madiha Imam is highly active and popular on Instagram; she recently posted a glimpse of her recent picture with the one and only Wahaj Ali. The actress further dropped some details in her caption, saying, "Something which all of you will like #Balsim”. We know that Balsim is related to the duo’s previous project, which was “Ishq Jalebi”, their characters were named as Bela and Basim. The fans praised Balsim, and now we can't wait to see what they are bringing on screens this time. The details, name, directors, channel or anything is yet to be revealed soon. Fans are already craving for more information to know what Madiha and Wahaj will bring now. 


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