Madiha Imam Looks Back At Her Bollywood Stint

Madiha Imam Reminisces About Her Time In Bollywood

Madiha Imam Looks Back At Her Bollywood Stint
Madiha Imam

Former VJ turned actress Madiha Imam has the world at her feet at the moment. She is the talk of the town with her web series Ek Jhooti Love Story earning rave reviews from fans and critics alike. 

Not many people know this but Madiha Imam appeared in a Bollywood film Dear Maya and after working in the film, she rose to fame across the border.

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The talented actress has proved her mettle in many roles across various critically acclaimed Pakistani dramas and her current drama serial Muqaddar alongside Faysal Quraishi is not one to be missed.

Madiha who is playing the lead role in Zee5 web series Ek Jhooti Love Story, in a recent interview with an Indian publication recalled her feature film debut in India.

She had starred in 2017's Dear Maya in which she starred alongside veteran Bollywood actor Manisha Koirala. 

She played the supporting role of a 14-year-old girl, Anna. The film was not released in Pakistan and due to this many people are unaware of Madiha Imam’s work in Bollywood.

Madiha Imam Looks Back At Her Bollywood Stint

She said:

"I remember arriving in India to shoot my first-ever feature film and that too with our all-time favorite Manisha Koirala. It was her comeback, and the name of the film was Dear Maya. We shot the film in Delhi, Shimla, and Mumbai. It was such a lovely experience. This was in 2017. My family members are also from there but during my visit, we could not meet."

Adding on, Imam praised Koirala and said that she misses her. "In fact, through this interview, I would like to tell Manisha ma'am that I miss her. It was lovely working with her. She is such a great actor! She is so gracious and every time I look at her I would think, 'why is she so beautiful? why?'" she said.

Madiha Imam Looks Back At Her Bollywood Stint

Madiha Imam's current web-series, Ek Jhooti Love Story that has started to air on Zee5 is a sweeping tale of Salma and Sohail in the quest for love and an ideal partner. It’s a light-hearted family drama with compelling, quirky characters and a fascinating exploration of different kinds of relationships and the path they carve along the way. It will resonate deeply with a generation that aspires to settle for nothing less than an ideal partner and a perfect life.

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