Make Forehead Blemishes Disappear With These Tricks

Kick out forehead blemishes from your life with these tips.

Make Forehead Blemishes Disappear With These Tricks

Acne could be of different shapes, sizes and due to several causes behind the appearance. It may hit certain spots, and the forehead could be a specific area for adamant acne. Usually, acne is the result of clogged pores. However, the one good thing is that it's the first area easy to treat and control blemishes. Even starting with essential skincare can help to cure blemishes on the forehead. Start with these tips now to get clear blemishes free forehead. 

Natural Ways To Clear Up Forehead Blemishes: 

Aloe Vera: It is a healing agent that contains antiseptic properties that can kill that bacteria forming into blemishes. It is excellent for hydrating and controlling excess sebum production. Aloe Vera is also reasonable and low maintenance to keep in any corner of your house and use it often. 

Aloe Vera

Bananas: Never thought of using the banana peel for treating your skin? But you indeed can. Potassium filled banana peel can provide potent nutrients to protect the skin barrier against bacteria attacking it. 


Ice It All: It is a unique method to treat forehead blemishes. The chilling ice cubes ease the swelled forehead bump and decrease its size. 

Use a prescription treatment for faster resolution. 


Benzoyl Peroxide:

A well known effective way to treat forehead blemishes is using prescribed benzoyl peroxide in OTC gel form or a cleanser. It works as a spot treatment and effectively hit the clogged pores and bacteria. 

Benzoyl Peroxide


Using a face wash with retinoids can help the OTC cream and other ingredients work faster. It essentially unclogs the pores and prevents dead cells from depositing into the opened pores that cause blemishes. Retinoids can also prevent scaring of dried out blemishes.



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