Malik Riaz Refutes Involvement In Uzma Khan’s Case

A group of women allegedly related to the business tycoon instigated violence on actor Uzma Khan and her sister.

Malik Riaz Refutes Involvement In Uzma Khan’s Case
Malik Riaz Refutes Involvement In Uzma Khan’s Case

After a video of model turned actor Uzma Khan and her sister, Huma Khan, being verbally and physically harassed by three women who allegedly accused Uzma of having an affair with one Usman went viral, many people on Twitter said that the man in question was related to business tycoon Malik Riaz.

According to barrister and the nephew of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Hassaan Khan Niazi, the attackers were daughters of Malik Riaz while Usman was his son-in-law.

However, the real estate developer gave his statement on Thursday evening refuting any relations to Usman. On the micro-blogging site, Riaz wrote “I categorically rebut this malicious propaganda associating me with a viral video. Usman is not my nephew. I'm appalled at such below the belt attempt to malign me for something I'm not involved in any capacity.”

He further mentioned that he would be filing a defamation case.

While Riaz did disassociate himself with the man in question, he has yet to give a statement  about the women who instigated violence, two of whom are allegedly his own daughters.

Another video on Twitter, shows Pashmina Riaz talking on the phone in Uzma’s house during the incident.  

Moreover, Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar also turned to Twitter to mention how Usman and his wife Aamina are connected to the business tycoon.

This is a developing story and will updated accordingly.