Many Women Harassed Me, Azfar Rehman

Azfar Rehman revealed that he has been harassed by several fellow actresses and showbiz personalities.

Many Women Harassed Me, Azfar Rehman
Azfar Rehman

In a Youtube show, Azfar Rehman spoke openly about other issues in the showbiz industry, including the 'Casting Couch' and 'Me Too' campaign and how he had been harassed by women.

The actor said that women are not always right, and no one should ever be harassed.

Talking about the 'Me Too' campaign in the country, the actor further said that it is wrong to force someone, and it cannot be supported, but anything with consent can be done.

According to Azfar Rehman, it is okay if two people do something by mutual consent. Otherwise, no one is allowed to force anyone, and such acts can't be supported.

He further said that there should be no haste in making allegations against anyone on social media. One can talk when there is evidence against someone.

Azfar Rehman said that the 'Me Too' campaign is a sensitive issue, and he does not endorse any activity in which anyone is harassed. He fully supports the 'Me Too' movement.

Chhalawa actor revealed that he had been harassed by several female colleagues in the past but did not want to be named.

In response to a question, Azfar Rehman said that the 'casting couch' (i.e., the fulfillment of sexual desires in return for work) has been running in showbiz for years, but it is wrong, and everyone should oppose it.

He revealed that when he faced the casting couch when he entered the showbiz industry.

In response to a question, Azfar Rehman admitted that in the past, he had a passion for working in Bollywood, and he also got offers, and he also sent his auditions to Bollywood personalities, but he didn't get any success in it. 

Azfar Rehman said that if he ever gets a chance to make a film, he will cast Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat together.

He also called Mehwish Hayat the most beautiful actress and Fawad Khan the best actor.

In response to a question, Azfar Rehman said that a few years ago, when he was going to Hyderabad from Karachi with Ayesha Omar, his car had an accident, and this accident changed his life, but the media and bloggers didn't report the incident as it should be. They wrote rubbish that Ayesha Omar was not sober while driving. But the truth is she was not even driving the car.

In response to another question, Azfar Rehman revealed that he will have a baby soon and soon appear in a web series and film as a hero. 

Azfar Rehman said that if he gets a chance, he will steal the phone of actress Meera while asking Reema the secret of her beauty and Saima's secret of her exceptional acting skills.

She advised Mehwish Hayat to work with a fourth director now, as she has been working with only three directors for the last five years.

He also advised Fahad Mustafa to stop working with Nadeem Baig and encouraged Mawra Hocane to stop playing glamorous roles. 

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