Marvel Productions Spider-Man 3: Shooting To Wrap In February 2021

Reveals Tom Holland in his video message

Marvel Productions Spider-Man 3: Shooting To Wrap In February 2021
Tom Holland: Spider-man 3

A Marvel Cinematic Production film ‘Spider-man 3’ will get over its principal photography till next year February. Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases and the lock down, the timeline of the project was also affected like many other films. As per sources, Spider-man 3 is all set to come out in November 2021 with its shooting to begin in the fall. Till now, this is the plan which has to be carried out with the exception of any setback.

Another reason of the delay in Spider-man 3's schedule was due to Tom Holland’s busy schedule. The Devil All The Time star was busy in filming for his another movie Uncharted, which is now underway.

Uncharted and Spider-man 3 are all set to come out next year, and we bet Holland is going to get a busy second half of 2020.

Tom revealed in a video message on Dominic Holland’s (father) account where he discussed his schedule for the upcoming movies.  Looks like somebody is going to have a blast at MCU as climbing straight from Uncharted to Spider-man 3 and then press tours next year.

tom holland uncharted

The Avengers: Infinity Wars starlet said, “Finish Uncharted, finish Spider-Man in February next year. Two press tours, maybe together, which should take six weeks worth of work."

tom holland SP3


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Well, if Spider-man 3 will be able to wrap up with about nine months until its debut, then it will give enough time for other post-production stuff like visual effects and the standard reshoots. Well, the shootings can only be completed on time, if Sony follows the safety measures laid out by the government. After Spider-man 3, Sony has got other movies lined-up too, so if SP3 marks a delay, it could get pushed into 2022.

So, sit tight and see what happens next as it is too early to predict anything amid this uncertain time!