Meesha Shafi Calls Out Saba Qamar For Hypocrisy

Meesha Shafi claims that Saba Qamar is friends with harassers.

Meesha Shafi Calls Out Saba Qamar For Hypocrisy
Meesha Shafi And Saba Qamar

After News of brutal abuse on women, celebrities are coming forward and speaking against the barbaric act that happened recently with Noor Mukadam and many other females. Stars used their fame to spread the awareness for justice and women's safety, similarly Saba Qamar jumped into this bandwagon and appealed for justice. 

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar requested people to break their “bro code”.

By the post on Instagram, Saba Qamar clearly meant that people should call out predators instead of covering them up for friendships. 

The Cheekh star wrote, “If you are a man and you've ever cared even once for any woman in your life, please call out men in your circles with predatory behaviour. Please break your bro codes. If you can't do that then stop pretending to be an ally because you're the only enabler then." 

Saba Qamar

Meesha Shafi on the other hand found the statement very hypocritical. She used her Instagram handle to target Saba Qamar for “hypocrisy.” According to the Singer’s post on Instagram she pointed out Saba Qamar for endorsing predators and validating them even when the victim came out and spoke about the trauma. 

The post was evident to guess Meesha Shafi was talking about Ali Zafar and all the people, including Saba Qamar keeping her friendship with him that bothers Shafi. 

Meesha concluded her post by saying, “You don't get to say this without first holding yourself accountable for your own enabling actions and words defending and supporting predators after survivors have shared their experiences against all odds. No, just no.”   

However, Saba did not reply to the claims and criticism from Meesha   Shafi. Moreover, other celebrities also continued to spread the word for justice.   

Meesha Shafi


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