Meet The Youngest Self-Made Millionaire In Pakistan Bisma Khan

Can you imagine yourself a millionaire at an early age of 18?

Meet The Youngest Self-Made Millionaire In Pakistan Bisma Khan
Bisma Khan: Youngest Self-made Millionaire

We are presenting to you the youngest ‘Self-made’ millionaire of Pakistan, Bisma Khan! Self-made in the sense that she has built up her own haircare and fashion brand with her pittance Eidi. Her qualities include creativity in arts and craft, rapper, influencer and YouTube channel owner.

What made Bisma independent?

Talking about her personal life, Bisma is also a broken family survivor. She told that at an early age of 17, her parents parted their ways. Bearing the shock and going through the trauma, Bisma was left with no choice, either she could build up something or keep on shedding tears. She took a strong decision of starting something big! Her motive was to set an example for others that life is unpredictable but you have to stay strong!

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Taking an initiative of doing something constructive, she created a YouTube channel but that was not so helpful so she saved her Eidi and with Rs. 6000 only she started her hair care business. The talented girl prepared her own haircare oil with all natural ingredients. Though, being a naïve and inexperienced girl, people tried to take advantage of her but she stood like a rock and kept moving through all the hurdles.

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After sometime, she became financially independent and was capable of paying her A-level fee and bear her expenses.

Later on, she thought of using her creative skills and reinvested her money to start her own fashion brand. On a smaller scale, Bisma started hand painting on denim jackets which later expanded.

bisma khan rapper

Recently, she has fulfilled her wish of preparing a rap song ‘Beti Bigar Gai’ which has earned over 300k views on YouTube.

bisma beti bigar gai

Whoa whoa!! She is not taking a break here, you will be seeing her in a short film too on which she is planning to work. Undoubtedly, she breaks all the stereotypes and paves her way to success in this male-dominant society.

We wish her best of luck for the future endeavors.