Mehwish Hayat And Maya Ali To Star Alongside Humayun Saeed In Upcoming Project

A star studded new project will feature these names.

Mehwish Hayat And Maya Ali To Star Alongside Humayun Saeed In Upcoming Project
Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat and Maya Ali

Sources are confirming these news that Humayun Saeed is all set to share the screen with Maya Ali and Mehwish Hayat in Khalil Ur Rahman’s latest project called “Mai Manto Nahi Hoon” 

Humayun confirmed that the script is on the last and final stages, just near completion. The superstar also confirmed that Manto is just symbolic in this story however the story does not revolve around Manto. After the heart throbbing performance in “Mere Pass Tum Ho” we expect this duo to present another super hit for the audience. The script is all written by Humayun Saeed’s trusted writer Mr. Khalil Ur Rehman, the person behind finely written drama “Mere Pass Tum Ho”. 

Mehwish Hayat on the other hand has already worked with Humayun Saeed a few times, such as “Dill Lagi” on ARY Digital. 

A New Couple To Be Seen 


As Khalil Ur Rehman confirmed on a morning show that a new drama written by him will be showcasing a refreshing couple as well. He talks about appearance of Humayun Saeed and Maya Ali together. The is the first time audience will see this pair together and the fans are anxiously waiting to watch how this turns out to be. Moreover, “Mai Manto Nahi Hoon” will be a love story for sure probably with some action and twist includes to make us stick to our seats. The drama will be shot in streets of Punjab and we will see a hint of culture in this drama as well, like some of the other Khalil Ur Rehman’s other dramas. Humayun Saeed further confirmed it was supposed to be a film that has turned into a drama serial specifically for the audience. 

Maya Ali


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