Mehwish Hayat Misses Proper Desi Weddings Amid Covid-19 Restrictions

Mehwish Hayat Is In A Funny Mood!

Mehwish Hayat Misses Proper Desi Weddings Amid Covid-19 Restrictions
Mehwish Hayat

Only if you have been living under a rock for the past few hours would you not know who Mehwish Hayat is. Otherwise, she needs no introduction. Mehwish Hayat is a successful and one of the most popular Pakistani film actress who is known for her roles in Load WeddingPunjab Nahi Jaungi, and Actor in Law.

Mehwish Hayat is someone who divides opinion. When she received the coveted Tamgha e Imtiaz award from the Government of Pakistan in 2019, many praised her for her dedication and service to the entertainment and fashion industry of the country, and many raised questions against her receiving such a high honor. 

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Nothing and no amount of criticism seem to deter the actress and that's what we all love about her. She continues to emit positive vibes even in these uncertain and confusing times that we're witnessing right now, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mehwish took to Twitter and Instagram and shared a hilarious picture of her with actress Faryal Mehmood and another person and said that she is missing all the madness of desi weddings and her girls due to the coronavirus pandemic the country and the entire world is engulfed in right now.

Mehwish captioned the funny picture with:

"Desi weddings be like... Missing my girls and all the madness! @FaryalMehmood1  #foodisbae"


The picture itself is captioned "Roti Khul Gai Jayyy" that translates to an ongoing joke on Pakistani weddings about the dinner being opened and served as most people generally attend desi weddings for the food.

The picture, which is from her movie, Loadweding, is reminiscent of the fact that everyone in Pakistan is sick of the Coronavirus pandemic and wants life to go back to normal so that they can enjoy going to weddings and/or travel abroad.

Earlier in the day, Mehwish Hayat confirmed that she did not have any TikTok account and that the account by her name over there is someone trying to impersonate her. She requested fans to report the account.

Mehwish Hayat Misses Proper Desi Weddings Amid Covid-19 Restrictions

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