Mehwish Hayat Rubbishes Outrageous Claim Made By Indian Media

Mehwish Hayat Trolls Indian Media!

Mehwish Hayat Rubbishes Outrageous Claim Made By Indian Media
Mehwish Hayat

There is absolutely no end to Indian media's ability to conjure up fantasy stories out of thin air and there are absolutely no lengths they would not go to, in order to justify their outrageous claims. Mehwish Hayat seems to be their latest victim in the spreading of fake news and the actress could not help but laugh at the sheer audacity of the Indian media to even think of such a thing in the first place.

The latest rumor being spread in Indian media is an outrageous claim that Mehwish Hayat is Dawood Ibrahim's girlfriend. Dawood Ibrahim is an alleged gangster who has been on India's most-wanted list for ages. The allegation being made is that Dawood Ibrahim lives in Karachi and is in a relationship with the Pakistani actress. It goes on to further insinuate that Dawood Ibrahim is quite upset about being exposed by the Indian media.

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The Load Wedding actress took to Twitter and lambasted the Indian media and its gutter journalism. She said that all these unfounded claims are in retaliation over her being very vocal about the Indian atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir and vowed to continue highlighting India's aggression and violence through her platform.

Mehwish Hayat Rubbishes Outrageous Claim Made By Indian Media

Mehwish Hayat also said that no amount of fake news would dampen her spirits and she would continue to fight the good fight. She said that the unfounded accusations from the Indian media are not even worthy of clarification.

She further added that she would keep calling Bollywood out for its hypocrisy and the way it portrays Pakistanis and Kashmiris.

Mehwish Hayat said:

 She has received unprecedented support from all quarters of the country over these wild accusations made by Indian media.

Mehwish Hayat then went on to troll the Indian media and joked that she wouldn’t mind if her name is linked with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the future, much to the annoyance of the Indians.

"I will continue to highlight their atrocities in Kashmir and to call out Bollywood for its hypocrisy. Oh, BTW next time if you want to link my name with someone .. may I suggest @LeoDiCaprio?"

The Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient's light-hearted response to the allegations made against her puts a serious dent on Indian media's already very questionable credibility. 

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