Mission Impossible 7: Norway Allows Tom Cruise To Bypass Lock down Restrictions

Tom Cruise Returns with Mission Impossible 7

Mission Impossible 7: Norway Allows Tom Cruise To Bypass Lock down Restrictions
Mission Impossible: 7

Shootings are been halted all around the globe amid covid-19 restrictions. It is a 'mission impossible' to start the shootings right away with the pandemic being in full swing, but that’s not the case in Norway! Surprised? Don’t be.. because the Norwegian government has allowed Tom Cruise and his crew to shoot for the next part of Mission Impossible 7 and skip the covid-19 quarantine.

As Cruise directly spoke to the Norway’s Minister of Culture Mr. Abid Raja on a phone call. He expressed love for Norway and spoke, “It’s a gorgeous country, I can’t wait to get back there. I’m very excited, as is the whole crew, about coming back.”

The Top Gun star will be facing 10-days quarantine on their arrival in Norway with regular testing being done. The Minister of Agriculture and Food Mr. Olaug Bollestad opened up in his press conference and gave more details. He also revealed that the MI7 crew will not be allowed to make any public appearance and the members will be kept apart from others during their stay in Norway.

Similar to the last part of MI- Fallout, some scenes were shot in Norway which includes the cliffhanger at the Pulpit Rock.

pulpit rock

However, it wasn’t mention in the movie credentials but still Norwegian government is pleased.  As Bollestad said that it’s important to show Norway’s culture, nature and history to a global audience.

pulpit rock 2

The Mission Impossible movies are one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood with its last part; fallout making an exception of 791 million dollars at the box office.

mission impossible fallout

The seventh MI movie is scheduled to be released in November 2021 and the eighth movie will be released the very next year in November 2022.

 Cruise, 58, will play his iconic role of Ethan Hunt in the upcoming movies.