Momina Mustehsan Gives A Shut Up Call To Kangana Ranaut And Twitter Is Loving It

Momina Mustehsan Drags Kanagan Ranaut!

Momina Mustehsan Gives A Shut Up Call To Kangana Ranaut And Twitter Is Loving It
Momina Mustehsan

Momina Mustehsan gave further proof that she is not just beauty without brains as she drilled into Indian actress Kangana Ranaut on her hypocrisy. In doing so, she won the hearts of Pakistanis and even her skeptics took some time out to let her enjoy this win without trolling her about something or the other. 

The Pakistani singer-songwriter, musician, and social activist rose to fame when her cover songs on Soundcloud took her to Coke Studio where she sang duets with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Asim Azhar and others. Her songs became an instant hit with millions of views from both Pakistan and India.

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On the eve of 14th August and Pakistan's Independence Day celebrations, Momina Mustehsan called out Indian actress Kangana Ranaut for deliberately dragging Pakistan into India's internal affairs, as is the habit of Indians. 

It all started when the recently released Sadak 2 trailer from India came under heavy criticism and boycott ever since the demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June. It comes in the wake of the debate over the alleged practice of nepotism in Bollywood. However, Indians can never stop at that and they can never sleep peacefully without dragging Pakistan into their internal matters somehow or the other, and that's exactly what happened yesterday. 

In response to one bigoted tweet by Rohitt Jaswal, pinning everything on Muslims, Kangana Ranaut went further by taking that bigoted tweet to another level as she wrote:


Momina Mustehsan was having none of it and took personal offense to such a bigoted tweet by a well-known celebrity as she clapped back at Kanaga Ranaut in a brilliant way. She wrote:

"Why does Pakistan get dragged into all ur arguments? It serves no purpose but takes away from your mission to rightly get justice for SSR, fight nepotism, ur own internal state politics & curb religious hatred & prejudice. Justice can't be achieved by propagating regional hatred."



Momina Mustehsan's reply put Kangana Ranaut in her place and the singer received support not only from Pakistan but also from sensible Indians who are sick of Pakistan being dragged into their own internal matters, unnecessarily.






It seems that Kangana Ranaut is in hiding after Momina Mustehsan's befitting response and hasn't tweeted anything since then. 

On account of Momina Mustehsan's wonderful win, let's enjoy this beautiful cover of Aaroh's Na Kaho by Momina and the Leo Twins.



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