Money Heist Creator Thinks SRK Should Play Berlin Not Professor

Alexa Rodrigo feels South Indian actor Thalapathy Vijay can play professor in the Hindi remake of the series.

Money Heist Creator Thinks SRK Should Play Berlin Not Professor

Since the Spanish action-thriller Netflix series Money Heist gained popularity, there has been an ongoing debate among its South Asian fans on which Bollywood actors would fit the roles of its lead, especially that of the Professor.

From Indian film-actor and TV host Ayushmann Khurrana to the King Khan himself, many Bollywood names have been suggested by the fans for the role of the Professor.

But seems like the long-standing debate can finally be put to rest. The creator of the hit-series has chosen his Professor and to everyone’s surprise it is South Indian actor Thalapathy Vijay.

In a recent interview with a South Indian website, creator Alex Rodrigo was shown a bunch of photos of Indian actors to choose from and decide who would fit the role of the Professor. Rodrigo first picked Khurrana but then changed his mind and said Vijay, citing that the latter looks intelligent just like the Professor.

As for Shah Rukh Khan, Rodrigo thinks he can be Berlin or Palermo, while he picked Ranveer Singh as Denver. Other Tamil film industry actors the director picked were Ajith Kumar as Bogota, Mahesh Babu as Tamayo and Suriya as Suarez.

While these surely are some odd choices, perhaps Rodrigo has got his cast for an Indian remake of the hit series.

Earlier there were rumors that the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has acquired the rights for a Hindi-remake of the Spanish hit-series. However, SRK denied the rumors.