Muneeb Butt Clears His Opinion About Second Marriage

The actor claimed that blogs and pages misinterpreted his words.

Muneeb Butt Clears His Opinion About Second Marriage
Muneeb Butt

Muneeb Butt appeared on the famous morning show “Good Morning Pakistan” to promote his new drama “Baddua” where Nida Yasir, the show's host, asked few questions from the actor. Muneeb is famous for his charming looks, down to earth attitude and, of course, his adorable family. 

While Nida Yasir was doing a Q/A  segment with Muneeb butt, he asked her what she was afraid of. 

The host replied she was afraid of her husband remarrying someone else. At this point, Muneeb jokingly said that every woman should have this terror then and pamper their husbands more. He responded by saying, “This should be terror, this fear should be in every woman, and so she should take care of her husband. And a lady should love her spouse so much that his mind does not wander." 

Muneeb Butt

While it was just a joke for both, netizens started criticising his statements. 

The snippet of the actor’s joke has been doing rounds on social media. 

As the video went viral, netizens did not resist and called out Muneeb Butt for making a joke over a sensitive matter and blamed him for influencing a peculiarity. 

Muneeb took his Instagram to school netizens for exploiting his words

Explaining on his Instagram how people misunderstood his words and manipulated the video clip, he claimed that publications and netizens misrepresented his joke on the show. The Koi Chaand Rakh actor posted the complete video of the conversation to explain how the whole conversation was taken as a joke by both of them. Still, on the internet, his conversation was misled. He further explained that the clip was picked and used against him to malign his character. The actor also requested blogs to check their facts before posting against the celebrities. 

Muneeb Butt and Amar Khan


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