My Family Has Set Some Boundaries, And It Won't Be Easy To Get Permission For Acting, Dananeer

'PAWRI Girl' Dananeer Mobeen says her family has already set boundaries for her.

My Family Has Set Some Boundaries, And It Won't Be Easy To Get Permission For Acting, Dananeer
Picture Courtesy: Good Morning Pakistan Facebook Page

Dananeer shared a 5-second video on social media on February 6 while touring the northern regions with her sister and friends, which went viral.

In the short video, Dananeer was seen speaking Urdu in an English accent.

Her video went so viral in Pakistan, and other countries, including India, parody videos of her video were made, and her followers on social media also increased while she took advantage of her fame to sell 'PAWRI Ho Ri Hai' T-shirts.

After gaining fame from the short video, Dananeer joined her elder sister Nafayal in Nida Yasir's show, where she not only spoke openly about the 'PAWRI' video and also about her life.

Dananeer said in the morning show that she had made the video of 'PAWRI Ho Ri Hai' several days before sharing it on social media.

She said that when she returned to Islamabad from Abbottabad after a tour, she made the video while stopping for lunch somewhere but did not share it on social media.

According to Dananeer, several days later, when she shared the video with her friends, they asked her to share the video on social media, and then someone shared her video on Facebook which went viral.

Dananeer said she was receiving messages from Pakistan and from all over the world, including India.

Dananeer mobeen

In response to a question, Dananeer said that she is not interested in acting. However, her acting is limited to herself.

According to Dananeer, if she would be offered a role, it will be difficult to get permission from her family.

Dananeer said her family has already set some limits for her.

She said that she has passed the A level examination and now she will go to university for higher studies and will then get married at the behest of her parents.


Dananeer said her family has an army background. She is from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while her elder sister Nafayal is studying in the United States on a scholarship.

Nafayal said that her marriage will be decided by her parents because she thinks that the best decision of her life will be made by her parents.

Nafayal praised her younger sister Dananeer, saying she is brilliant.

In response to another question, Dananeer said that she wants to become a bureaucrat by clearing the CSS exam in the future.

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