Nadia Khan Got Involved In Cyber Fraud

IT expert got arrested for doing fraud with famous host Nadia Khan.

Nadia Khan Got Involved In Cyber Fraud
Nadia Khan

An IT expert was involved in defrauding the very known person of the industry Nadia Khan. Khan switched to entertain the audience on social media through the YouTube channel and soon gained a good following on YouTube as well, while the fans enjoyed her daily life and style videos. 

However, on May 3, 2021, an inquiry was registered, and according to the officials, a person was arrested on Saturday for cyber fraud with Nadia Khan. It has been confirmed that an IT expert was committing fraud with Nadia Khan. The famous actress and host was the victim of cyber fraud, and it took her few months to gather all the shreds of evidence and catch the culprit for committing fraud with her. The issue was related to the AdSense payment from her YouTube channel Outstyle, and the culprit looted a huge amount from her in the process.  

Nadia filed the complaint narrating the incident when asked for the IT expert to help Nadia Khan regarding her AdSense account of her YouTube channel OutStyle. Later on, her earning stopped showing on the AdSense account for five months. 

The inquiry by Cyber Crime Circle of Federal Investigation Agency received pieces of evidence, the detailed statement and affidavit, along with the banking and contact details of alleged fraud. As per the investigation, Nadia Khan lost revenue of Rs. 480,439 from her YouTube channel, OutStyle. 

Nevertheless, it was an intelligent move by Nadia Khan to quickly file her complaint and trust the cybercrime authorities in Pakistan to help her with the issue. Many people face cyber fraud; perhaps, due to lack of knowledge and trust in the cyber protection system in Pakistan holds them back to file complaints.  


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