Nida Yasir Reacted On Her Formula Car Video

Morning show host’s confusion about formula car left netizens in splits.

Nida Yasir Reacted On Her Formula Car Video
Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir is a well known morning show host and technically the only one who managed to continue the morning show concept for years. Recently, a clip got viral on the Internet where Nida Yasir was confused about the formula car. The clip that got viral now is not a recent show; it was from her show back in 2016. The video surfaced on social media; netizens found it amusing listening to odd questions she asked from the talented young engineers. 

The Young Boys Were Invited To The Show After They Created An Electric Formula 1 Racing Car 

People evidently noticed a lack of knowledge the morning show host had about the subject. She asked some bizarre questions such as "How many people can fit in this car?” and this one “Is it just the formula of the car?" Last one was “Is it fast like racing cars?"

Nida Yasir Responded To Witty Remarks And Posts About The Whole Situation 

The morning show host finally responded to the memes on the ongoing situation; she thinks the clip is hilarious, and she is laughing at that too; she further admitted her mistake about lack of research, and in future, she will make sure to check out the background of the topic. Nida Yasir took the whole situation on a lighter note and compassionately admitted where she went wrong. Overall, the host also questioned why her mistakes are always showcased on the internet to make fun of while she has been picking up some important topics too. “It really demotivates me”, she concluded. 

Nonetheless, netizens got a chance to know about Abdul Aleem and Mohammed Shariq Waqar’s talent and creation through this viral video. 


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