Nimra Khan’s Ex-Husband Opened Up About Divorce, Called Her A “Headache”

Nimra Khan’s ex made a statement about their relationship in a recent video

Nimra Khan’s Ex-Husband Opened Up About Divorce, Called Her A “Headache”
Nimra Khan

Actress Nimra Khan happily tied the knot in 2020 with Raja Iftikhar Azam who is a police officer and moved abroad; however, within a few months, fans noticed that Nimra Khan deleted all her posts with husband on Instagram. After deleting the pictures, Nimra Khan uploaded a post where she was injured; fans supported Nimra Khan and suspected domestic abuse.  

Nimra Khan is a talented actress who appeared in dramas like “Meherbaan” and “Khoob Seerat.” She connected with her fans wholeheartedly and talked about her journey through her deadly accident. 

While Nimra Khan landed in the hospital again, her ex-husband made unpleasant remarks about her.

Nimra Khan recently uploaded a snap asking her fans to pray for her as she is in extreme pain. She explained that she got a stomach infection that is causing unbearable pain and she needs prayers. On the other hand, a video came up from Raja Azam’s live session where someone asked about Nimra Khan’s and his relationship, or if they are divorced, he replied  “We are divorced, I divorced her," he bluntly said, “I got rid of her; she was a headache…a proper headache. I wouldn’t say she was a headache, but we were not compatible”, Raja Azam confessed as he smokes in the video. 

Nimra Khan never talked about her separation openly, and she maturely chose not to discuss her relationship publicly and keep it private. Fans have been worried for her to get over this trauma and prayed for her as she suffers in hospital. 

We wish Nimra Khan a speedy recovery as she had suffered enough pain in her spine chilling accident before.   


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