No Gym? No Worries- Here We Have At-Home Workout With Dumbbells

Just turn on your favorite tune and grab 2 dumbbells!

No Gym? No Worries- Here We Have At-Home Workout With Dumbbells
At-Home Dumbbells Workout!

Going to gym isn’t possible nowadays amid lock down. But if you really want to do some workout and planning for it then we have something for you. As women, strength training should be the basic workout to improve muscular imbalances and enhancement of strength and power. For your ease, we have a complete sweaty plan for you to start which will surely leave you strong and sore in the best possible way.

So are you ready to sweat?

This workout will require a medium-weight dumbbells or the ones which you usually lift. The dynamic warm-up is necessary to get your muscles warm.

For this workout, you need to perform a triset consisting of three exercises. The resting time between each of the exercise or set is 45-60 seconds only. Don’t forget to cool down your body once finished with the workout!

Here we are presenting the triset 1 which comprises of three exercises.

Triset 1; First Exercise (Single leg dead-lift with dumbbells)

Bend down while holding the dumbbells in each hand. Keep your arms straight downwards and slightly lift your left leg up.

Make sure your entire body is aligned properly.

Keeping your back straight and returning to the starting position will complete on rep.

single leg deadlift

Repeat each rep by changing left and right leg. Completing 10 reps on each leg will conclude the exercise.

Triset 1; Exercise 2 (Bent-over Row)

While keeping your back straight and leaning forward, bend your knees.

Next move, extend your arms with dumbbells and then straight up to the chest level. Elbows should be pointed in and upward. Remember, back straight!

bent-over row

One rep completed within no time! Now, you have to complete 12 reps. So start moving!


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Triset 1; Exercise 3 (Seated Knee Tuck)

The starting position for this exercise seems tricky but isn’t. Sit down on the ground while keeping your hands an inch behind your back and feet on the ground. Simultaneously, lift both feet up from the ground as you lean down your upper body.

Bring your legs back to your chest by bending. Make sure you don’t need to touch the ground. This marks the completion of one rep. repeat for 12 times to complete the exercise.

seated knee tuck

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