No Man Or Woman Has The Right To Harass Anyone, Noman Ijaz

Drama Dunk Was Not An Attempt To Sabotage The 'Me Too' Movement

No Man Or Woman Has The Right To Harass Anyone, Noman Ijaz
Noman Ijaz

Actor Noman Ijaz says that no man or woman has the right to harass anyone, and punishment should be given to those who break the rule.

Noman Ijaz spoke about his drama 'Dunk' and drama serial 'Raqib Se'. In this play, Noman Ijaz is shown as a married man, and his girlfriend (Hadiqa Kayani) comes to live in his house with her daughter.

The story of Noman Ijaz's play 'Dunk' revolves around a college professor who is falsely accused by his student of sexual harassment. The professor could not bear the accusation and committed suicide. Noman Ijaz has played the role of a professor in the play. However, he was also criticized for playing the role.

In this regard, Noman Ijaz said that the criticism should have been made not on him but on this character or subject. However, this is a true story from which its main idea was borrowed. The incident took place in Punjab, and the professor was falsely accused. The accusers do not see how the accusation will affect the person and his family. The role of the professor could not bear the indictment, and he committed suicide.

He said that no attempt was made to sabotage the 'Me Too' movement through this drama, but they favor it because no man or woman has the right to harass anyone. He or she should be punished.

Noman Ijaz clarified that the main point is that no one is misusing this movement. That is why it is better to investigate and verify before punishing someone.

"It has happened many times in our society that a movement has been used for wrong purposes, so the government should take such measures that false accusation should also be punished."

On the suicide of his character Professor Humayun, he said that it still happened that people committed suicide in seven days.

He thanked his fans for appreciating his character.

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