Noman Ijaz In Hot Waters As He Admits Publicly To Cheat His Wife

The actor opened up in a web show ‘Say It All With Iffat’

Noman Ijaz In Hot Waters As He Admits Publicly To Cheat His Wife
Noman Ijaz spoke his heart out!

Popular actor Noman Ijaz lambasted as his controversial interview goes viral on social media. The Mera Saeen actor revealed in Say It All With Iffat Omar that his wife never finds out about his non-marital endeavors as he is very intelligent and possesses brilliant acting skills.  

noman iffat

The viral video which surfaced on the internet is a throwback video from the first episode of Iffat's show which went unnoticed. During the course of the clip, Iffat questioned Ijaz that it is assumed that artistic people are aashiq mizaaj, so how he managed a successful marriage? The veteran actor answered in a humble way that he is very lucky as his wife is adorable, “We are keeping up with it by fulfilling its limitations because its a relationship. If I talk about my wife Rabia, I am very lucky she is adorable.”

Asking the next question, Iffat said that imagine what if he was a flirtatious person, he said, “But my heart fell on many people many times and I don’t control it. I fall in love each and every moment, I am a very loving person. If I see a beautiful woman inside out and if she is a difficult woman, I fall more for her. I fall in love and I am such a good actor that my wife never gets to know about it.”

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Hats off to you man!! And if that wasn’t enough, he added, “And the best part is the girls who I have affairs with, even their husbands don’t know about it. We reciprocate our love and feelings for each other.”

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And the nail in the coffin is when the blunt guest was asked to give his views about the Me Too movement; he played the deen card in a beautiful way and said, “People can go around, say anything. These things are being used as a weapon in this society. #Metoo movement and all this is happening because we are moving away from our religion.”

During his interview, he admitted that ‘social media is a weapon.’ Did he know that this weapon will turn against him? Undoubtedly, social media has the power to remind people what they have said and hold someone accountable. 

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