One On One With PAWRI Girl - I Know Its Party, Not PAWRI

PAWRI Girl Is Everywhere!

One On One With PAWRI Girl - I Know Its Party, Not PAWRI
Dananeer Mobeen

A video-based on precise words like 'This is our car, and this is us, and this is our (party)' was shared on February 6 by YouTuber and Vlogger Dananeer on her social media accounts.

After the 'PAWRI' video became popular, Vlogger released a new rap version of her video.

She also infers that 'PAWRI' is just begun, and something is in the process, which will be out soon. 

And about the virality of her video, Dananeer says she knows it's PARTY, not PAWRI.

Dananeer added that she didn't plan this video but had gone for a walk in Nathia Gali with her friends and stopped for a meal, but all of a sudden, she took out her smartphone and made the video.

In answer to a question, she said, "I know its Party, not PAWRI." It's not my style. It was for my Instagram and Youtube family to laugh. 

"I planned to spread smile and laugh to my Instagram and Youtube family, but I managed to do more than that."

"When it comes to memes, the Pakistani people make very impressive memes, and all the parody videos are amazing that I can't choose one," she added.

"After this video, I now have a big family, for which I am very grateful to my followers,

Regarding the family's reaction to the video, Dananeer said, "My family and friends all know that I am funny."

"I keep making weird comments and making silly jokes, and that's just what I do with people close to me," she added.

Indian actor and musician Yash Raj Mukhate has also composed a song on Dananeer's video on which she said that what could be better than sharing love across the border in such a time when there are so much hatred and tensions all over the world?

"I'm glad our neighbors (India) and we are 'partying' together now because of my video," Vlogger said. 

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