Pakistani Audience Preferring Dirilis: Ertugrul Over Local Content

A question to ponder: Why is it so?

Pakistani Audience Preferring Dirilis: Ertugrul Over Local Content
Dirilis: Ertugrul

The after-effects of the confinement have put a halt in almost all kinds of activities. From recreational places to educational institutions and local markets, the activities are still terminated. Now what to do while staying at home 24/7 round the clock? Obviously, we need something happening.

From exploring new recipes to finding new at-home workouts, but above all consuming digital media all the day-long is at its peak!

Started a new season on Netflix- at the ending of each episode making a promise of watching this one last episode only and will sleep then.. and oh, it’s morning! And the very next day, you will be on your bed for the whole day but it’s worth it as you have completed almost half of the season! Well, that is addiction which our people nowadays are being addicted towards Dirilis: Ertugrul.

Have you ever thought why Ertugrul has gained this much popularity? Can you name any Pakistani drama or series which has occupied this much attention in a minimum amount of time? I think the answer would be a ‘No!’

So, let’s think and discuss the reasons of the popularity of the latter series. To me, the thing which is most captivating is the Islamic moral values which is been featured in the historic series. The character, Ertugrul with his amazing and enthralling qualities have won the hearts!

Somehow, we are missing our Islamic culture and basic moral values in our very ‘own local’ content. What we (drama producers) are doing, we are picking up that across-the-border ‘saas-bahu’ content more and ruining minds and home-environment which is not good.

ertugrul hand

Moreover, if you observe more closely to it then it’s not only the Islamic values which is been delivered but also life-long lessons and their solutions (if you really want to opt for one!).


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So what’s your point of view on this matter? Do you think that few celebrities who were against the airing of this series were correct? I don’t really think so!! As far as, I am receiving something which is a treat for an eye and soul.

Above all, it’s not about a foreign ‘content’; it’s about producing such ‘CONTENT’ which can influence someone’s life positively.

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