Pakistani Celebrities Reaction Over Motorway Incident

As per reports, 12 suspects have been arrested!

Pakistani Celebrities Reaction Over Motorway Incident

The spine-chilling incident of a woman being gang-raped in front of her two children has outraged Pakistan. This incident along with the preceding ones have made celebrities livid and now demand swift justice with strict punishments.

The trend #EnoughIsEnough has started on social media platform where celebrities are asking for the public execution of the offenders.

Shaneira Akram –a social activist warned rapists as they will pay soon. She tweeted, “Hey Rapists, real men don’t force themselves on anyone but you wouldn’t know that because you’re all weak, low life scum. And when you hurt our sisters and our children, then you hurt us all. Be scared. We are coming for you! #WeWillFindYou #WeAreComingForYou.”

Earlier today, actor Feroze Khan addressed Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to bring forward the perpetrators in front of the public. “I will always count on your statement that Pakistan will be “Riasat e Madina” and if you don’t hang these monsters raping and killing children and women in the open nothing can ever be changed just make one example. Public execution is what I demand.”

Ushna Shah highlighted that ‘Pakistan is in deep trouble’ in her tweet, “The irony that I tweeted "I'm okay with this" to a video of a rapist being stoned to death an hour prior to news of mother raped in front of children on motorway and to days after news of five-year-old Marwah, shows how deep in trouble we are as a society.”

The Daldal actress Armeena Rana Khan commented that these incidents make her feel unsafe in her homeland, “This piece of news has suddenly made every woman (including myself) feel unsafe.”

Mansha Pasha rightly said that the worth of human life is decreasing with every single day, “Cheeni, Atay aur Sabzi ka daam barh raha hai Aur sasti ho rahi hai tau Insaani jaan ( Sugar, wheat and vegetables are getting expensive. What's cheap is human life).”

Osman Khalid Butt raised a very good point about Motorway Police’s performance and said, “Please investigate this as well: 'She called the Motorway Police's emergency helpline 130 for assistance. However, she was told by the operator that she could not be provided help as the emergency beat had not been assigned to anyone.”

The woman was waiting in her car for help with her children when she was identified by the perperators. 

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