Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Fond Of Pet Dogs

We can’t get enough of our celebrities' furry friends!

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Fond Of Pet Dogs
Celebrities who are obsessed with pets!

Far away from this glittery and shiny world of cameras our celebrities also need some time out or may be a companionship of a four-legged friend.

Taking a sneak peek into our favorite celebrities’ lives through social media, we are availing this opportunity to witness their lifestyle and how they get along with their pets who will be getting five minutes of fame too.

This Sunday, our favorite celebrity Mehwish Hayat posted a picture with her pets and captioned it beautifully with a heart emoticon, “Lazy Sunday with my little girls Fluffy and Oreo!”


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Witnessing the Khunjarab Bypass in a road trip, Anoushey Ashraf shares a click at the bypass with her 'best road trip buddy'. She wrote, “Karachi to China by road. Luca and I have officially made it from the Arabian Sea to the HIGHEST paved border in the world and I couldn’t have asked for a better road trip buddy! Hello once again Khunjerab! You’re always so cold yet welcoming!" 


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The Hamlet star ‘Ahad’ took his Instagram handle to share how we should treat our pet animals. He wrote a lovely caption to urge people on how to take care of their pets, “Remember that a good deed done to an animal is as good a deed done to a human being.” The way he shows love to his pets in the video shows that he is a huge animal person! 


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The Parey Hut Love hero Shehryar Munawar is also a huge animal lover. He is often spotted lying on his couch with his pets.

shehryar pet

This time, we have caught him with a pet dog that seems a little bit uncomfortable.  He captioned the picture as, “Tough love! Nugget is not having any of it though.I shot with nugget’s girlfriend Darcy a few months back and apparently he wasn’t too happy about it when I met him. ... but , I just wanted to pet him and love him and squeeze him and cherish him.”


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We do agree with Ahad’s words about being gentle to our pets and express love to them in every possible way. What are your thoughts about keeping pets?

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