Pedicure At Home: A New Normal

Follow these tips to get smooth and moisturized feet

Pedicure At Home: A New Normal

The pandemic season is not in a mood to get over but now we have to visit the salon. We need to get eyebrows done, facials and many more. Isn't it? But, what about your feet? Aren’t you going to do something for it? Taking care of your feet is as important as of face or overall health as they help you to push all the daylong. Pedicure is a must-have thing for the health of your feet. It makes you stress free with supple smooth feet, hydrates and nourishes the damaged skin.

A salon-pedicure isn’t possible nowadays so why not opt for a home-pedicure.

How to pedicure your feet

Pumice scrub for dead skin

To moisturize and exfoliate your skin you need to get rid of the dead skin first. Use pumice scrub for your feet which will do wonders for you.


To nourish your cuticles and hydrate your feet, apply a good moisturizer that can moisturize well. By doing so, it will cleanse and make your skin shine.


Take luke warm water and add lemon juice and salt to it and soak your feet for 15 minutes.

pedicure soak

After soaking up for 15 minutes, take a fresh set of luke warm water to clean your feet.

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Regular exfoliation process can be started now.

pedicure exfoliation

Always use a soft towel to pat dry your feet because a hard towel can de-moisturize your skin.

pedicure soft towel

Nail paint can be applied now, remember to soak your feet in icy water to prevent nail paint from smudging. It is a quick way of drying the nail paint too.

pedicure nail polish

Cuticle oil needs to be applied now but if you do not prefer this, you can apply olive oil instead.

pedicure olive oil

A good massage is much-needed for your feet to release the tensions and pains if you have.