Premenstrual Syndrome

Understand Yourself Better At Awful Circumstances

Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome PMS is a mixture of physical, psychological and emotional turmoil. These symptoms kick in right after a lady starts experiencing her ovulation period and usually stops at the outset of menstrual blood flow. 


There is a lot that women face throughout her life which causes her depression, anxiety and psychological disorders which are not even taken seriously, neither by the women herself nor the family. And then comes the premenstrual syndrome. Unfortunately there is a very less amount of awareness provided to the women about the PMS. They must know if PMS is not taken seriously at the moment, it might cause long term problems as well. 



Not compulsory that every woman on earth would feel the same. Some are lucky and pass the phase smoothly, some are brave enough to fight the cause with some needed treatments and care and there is no harm in seeking help.


Some tips you can use while facing the PMS:


Here the word exercise means a little different. As a lady, you must know excessive workout in this condition is really harmful. You must be gentle to your ovaries, while stretching yourself. Slight warm up can do miracles or early yoga would be perfect too. 



Decrease Caffeine:

This is for those ladies who can not start their days without cups and cups of coffee and tea. You must have to decrease the intake of caffeine during your period. As this increases the ratio of the mood disorders because mood swings are the real demon during this time. 


cup of tea

Smoking Abeyance:

Smoking is injurious to health, we all know that but smoking during period would be just as inviting a disaster to the body. It would lead you to excessive migraine and restlessness will increase and you might feel more pain in your lower belly, near the kidneys from where the blood comes. 


woman smoking

Abandoning such acts will lead you to the healthy cycle. Taking little dose of medications, excessive use of turmeric and green leafy vegetables would help you with the speedy recovery.

turmericwoman exercise

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