Prevent Nail Breakage With These DIY methods

Thin and brittle nails split easily but these tricks will prevent breakage!

Prevent Nail Breakage With These DIY methods
Nail breakage - a common problem of every women

Your nails reveal a lot about your health just like your skin. Our nails which are made up of keratin serve as protection of our fingers and toes. But what makes your nail break? There are two reasons – too much moisture and too little moisture!

It is quite simple to understand, too much moisture means soft nails and little moisture means dry or brittle nails. The main reason behind this ‘too much and too little’ moisture is the repetition of wetting and drying of nails.

nails brittle

Another reason behind your nail breakage can be the vitamin deficiency. Household chores can also end up breaking them.

nail household

Now let’s think about how we can protect our nails. We all know that eating well is the basic remedy to prevent nail breakage but apart from it, home remedies also come into play.

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Garlic oil

Rubbing a garlic clove on the nails to prevent breakage is common but its pungent smell is unbearable. So for this,we have a solution which will not only promote your nail growth but also strengthen it. Make your own garlic oil at home by taking few teaspoons of olive oil. Add few garlic cloves to it and let it heat for few minutes on a medium flame. Remember, do not let it bubble. Once you think the oil has absorbed all the goodness of garlic, strain it after cooling. Apply it daily on your nails for an overnight treatment.

garlic oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil – anti-fungal to prevent nail infections, hydrates nail bed, softens the cuticle and above all strengthens your nails. The best way to use coconut oil for your nails is to warm it and apply overnight on your nail and let the magic begin! Ladies with soft nails can limit the use of it to once a week.

coconut oil

If these home remedies don’t work then you need to see a doctor as it can be a sign of any underlying medical condition.

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