Prevent Under Eye bags and Dark Circles With These Simple Tips

Here are the natural tips for taking care of your dark circles easily

Prevent Under Eye bags and Dark Circles With These Simple Tips
Prevent Under Eye bags and Dark Circles With These Simple Tips

This generation of digital technology has been dealing with the issue of sleepless nights which results in dark circles and under eye bags. To cover these dark circles, one must not like to apply thick make-up and caking up the face with different chemical products.  Well, these are the temporary ways of covering the dark circles. Hence, we have something fresh and easier for you to cover those dark circles.

1. Sleeping posture

In order to lighten your under eye bags, the first and foremost trick should be to change your sleeping posture. Start sleeping on your back and let the gravity do the magic. You must be thinking what sleeping posture has to do with the eye bags? Then let us explain you this phenomenon. Sleeping on your stomach will accumulate the fluid under your eyes.

2. Tea-bags

From now onwards, do not throw your used-teabags. Recycle them to use for the treatment of dark circles. Slide in some used tea bags in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Use them on your shut eyes for 10 minutes. The caffeine in the tea will allow blood circulation and the cold bags will de-puff the under eyes.

3. Rose-water

Rose water is a traditional ingredient to reduce the dark circles. Keep the rose water bottle for 10 minutes in to the freezer and then spray on your face. Another way of applying rose water is to simply dab it under your eyes with the cotton. The cotton pads can be left under your eyes, it will cause no harm! This can be done twice during the day, before going to bed and getting up in the morning. Believe you me, it will soothe your skin and reduce the dark circles.

4. Aloe vera and Vitamin E

The best combination for your skin care is aloe vera plus vitamin E. the aloe vera plant can heal your skin while vitamin E works wonderfully too.It also helps in reducing blemishes and dark spots which works great when dealing with dark circles. Prepare a gel sort of mixture by squeezing vitamin E into the aloe vera gel. You can apply the mixture before going to bed and wash in the morning.