Prince Harry Virtually meets the Family of World War II Survivors

This surprised the fans of the Duke of Sussex as he appeared on BBC's show

Prince Harry Virtually meets the Family of World War II Survivors
Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex who has stepped down from the Royal family to live a simple life with wife Meghan and son Archie, stuns his admirers by appearing on a TV show.

The show is been telecasted on BBC and is titled as ‘The One Show’. Family of the war survivors who suffered with dreadful burns were invited to give a talk.

The Duke of Sussex, 35, joining the show virtually surprised everyone.

On a prerecorded call, Prince Harry appeared from his home in Los Angeles. He praised the war veterans who fought bravely despite of being critically injured. On Friday, the world celebrated global historic 75th VE Day to commemorate the hardships faced by the war survivors.

The Prince stated, “It's on days like this where it’s so important to remember the Guinea Pig Club and look forward to everything that the CASEVAC Club will achieve as well.”

He further added, “Those individuals who signed up chose to serve and then had life-changing injuries, [but] they didn't stop there."

Boosting the morale of the war survivors, he said, “It's incredibly impressive and at the same time so incredibly uplifting."

In 1941, RAF Second World War veterans founded the Guinea Pig Club. The reason behind the foundation of this social club was to support the injured aircrew after the Second world war.