Proud To Be A Part Of The Zalmi Family, Esra Bilgic's Message In Urdu

Esra Bilgic, aka Halima Sultan, has expressed pride in being a part of the PSL franchise Peshawar Zalmi

Proud To Be A Part Of The Zalmi Family, Esra Bilgic's Message In Urdu
Esra Bilgic

The lead actress of the Turkish drama serial 'Ertugrul Ghazi' Esra Bilgic, popularly known as Halima Sultan in Pakistan, has now become a part of the Pakistan Super League franchise Peshawar Zalmi.

Javed Afridi announced the good news two days ago that the Turkish actress would be a part of Peshawar Zalmi. 

Yesterday, Zalmi's official anthem 'Kingdom' was released in which Mahira Khan and Hania Amir were seen performing along with Esra Bilgic.

Esra Bilgic

Shortly after the song's release, Esra shared a beautiful picture of herself on her Instagram account and formally announced that she would be Peshawar Zalmi's brand ambassador. She wrote in Urdu, " Now I am a part of the Zalmi family. I am proud that I will join the team with you." She also wrote the same message in English. She also used the hashtags of Zalmi Kingdom, Mahira Esra Haniya, and Yellow Strom.


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Commenting on Esra's post, Pakistani superstar and Peshawar Zalmi's ambassador Mahira Khan welcomed her to the Zalmi family.

People are taking more interest in Peshawar Zalmi due to Esra Bilgic. People on social media say that Javed Afridi has already won the PSL by making Mahira Khan, Esra Bilgic, and Hania Amir, the Peshawar Zalmi's ambassadors.

On the other hand, Peshawar Zalmi's official anthem, 'Kingdom', has been loved by the people, and this anthem has been viewed more than 300,000 times in just 23 hours. 

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